About Us


Our goal is to provide correct plant material to our customers. You will not get mixed up plants or mislabeled plants here. We specialize in providing SHORT CYCLE, RARE, and VARIEGATED pups to you! We sell pups and plants! All pups are offshoots off the mother plants we own. We Do Not sell small Tissue Culture plants! Any plant either TC or cultured by us, will be hardened off to 50% shade and have a full root system in a 4” pot or solo cup! Please remember this creates a much higher shipping cost for us vs TC nurseries that send tiny “plugs”. You may pay a few $$ more but you will receive a much larger corm that will put you ahead many months vs a tiny TC plantlet! Plus you get the CORRECT VARIETY!

OWNERS Ty and Stephanie Taylor have many years of experience in Growing Bananas and many other plants/trees.  We are very passionate about exceeding your expectations and helping you grow to your full potential! Living in zone 8b! We specialize in growing Short Cycle varieties and helping you to be successful at Winterizing them! If they don’t make it past year 1 what’s the point? We have over 130 varieties of Musa. Yes! 130+! That combined with this website just being launched, so it has a long way to go! Please excuse the mess while we get it all going!

We love our customers just as much as we love growing bananas and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. Also use it to contact us about pups for sale. We also love doing free trades! Let us know what you have!