Fertilizer is very important! Below is all my hard work. Many years of trial and error. Many years of burning plants. My belief is these plants have a certain vegetive phase programmed in. We are not God. We can’t change that! So our only option is to blow through those leaves as fast as possible. How can we do this? We can use mostly Nitrogen and Potassium to “Push” the plants growth. It won’t look as pretty as plants fed less, but it will leave them in the dust growth wise! Using my schedule you will see lines, spots, burn marks, roller leaves stuck in the next leaves, and many other signs of too much fertilizer. However using my schedule you can see a flower 3-4 weeks earlier than normal! This is a big deal to us growers that have to deal with a winter coming. It’s a constant race to beat winter! 3-4 weeks can be the difference between a composted bunch and a harvest.

This schedule is even toned down just a little! It is always better to start slow and increase gradually. Small, slow steps. When applying fertalizer it is very important to not leave (mounds/clumps). Sprinkle it evenly within 3’ of the pstem. I always try to stay a couple inches away from the pstem also. On top of the NPK, minors are also needed! Especially calcium. I like to foliar feed minors and calcium. I will also feed it through my drip irrigation. I also add sheep, cow, and rabbit manure. It adds not only NPK but also minors. Other important things is root health, drainage, and proper watering. Musa roots love light and airy soil. They need access to oxygen. Over the years I have tested and trialed many amendments. The absolute best backfill media I have tested is normal hardwood leaf mold/fungus/rotted leaves. They blew away my other soil types! Be careful that any manure or compost you add is fully composted! The composting heat can really damage roots. Be careful moving or using any types of native soil! There is always a chance for nematodes! Do your research, clean your tools between holes, and just be smart and careful. Happy Growing! I hope this schedule gives you the same success as it has given me over the years!

Thank You Nick for your help with this!