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Thank you for wanting to purchase from us! To confirm you are here for the correct reason, you are about to make a purchase from Ty Taylor. Most likely for a Musa Banana Plant!

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To Donate:

As you may know we do professional research and experiments on Musa in general. Our main points of interest is in:

  • Sub-Tropical growth of Musa.
  • Testing Musa Varieties in harsh Sub-Tropical conditions.
  • Testing Cold Hardiness of Musa Varities.
  • Short Cycle Musa Trials and Tests.
  • Finding new Short Cycle Varieties.
  • Tests to shorten Cycle Times.
  • Macro-Propagation of Rare Varieties.
  • Micro-Propagation of Rare Varieties.
  • “Pushing” Musa with Fertalizer to Shorten their Cycle
  • And Much Much More.

All of our work is done by funding: from us, sales, and donations from you! Thank you. Unfortunately money is a major factor holding us back. Any amount helps! 100% of donations goes to funding our research. Thank You!