Culture Plants

Culture Plants!
Filling the gap between Tissue Culture and Pups.

Thank you for your interest in my new project! Over the past few years I have been working on and experimenting with techniques of Musa propagation in large numbers. I have had amazing success! Sadly COVID and supply chain issues have made it difficult to purchase some supplies needed to propagate them. I am hoping next year will be better.

My goal was to propagate lots of plants in a short amount of time. They had to outperform TC plants and grow Larger, Faster! I have officially worked the kinks out and am finally launching my plants for sale. I have been truly amazed how well they are growing!

First a little info about the plants!

  • The plants are much larger than Tissue Culture plantlets! Also grow faster!
  • They have larger corms than TC plants. Larger than TC smaller than pups!
  • They have ALL been “activated” by the mother corm! Similar to a Sword Pup!
  • They are all fully rooted and a lot are actually root bound!
  • They are planted in and will be shipped to you in a Solo cup or 4” pot with a soilless mix!
  • From my testing. Some varities can be repotted in a 2G pot and field ready in 1 month!
  • They are all being grown in 50% shade and misted often!
  • They are 100% disease free and as safe as a TC.
  • I already have many varieties available! By the end of next year I plan to have 90% of my collection. Including rare and variegated Musa.

Pictures below show how the plants will look when you receive them! Please buy with confidence and as always I guarantee the plant to be true to type or it will be replaced free of charge! Good luck and have fun growing!! And of course I am here to help at any time!

Well Rooted and Hardened Off.
Musa Dwarf Namwa
Musa Dwarf Orinoco
Musa Virupakshi
Musa Blue Java
Musa Tall Namwa